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quinoa sweet potato salad

quinoa sweet potato salad This salad is, really, not a true salad. It’s more like a pile of warm roasted sweet potatoes, caramelizy onions, and crisped chickpeas, all fragranced-up with some sprigs of fresh rosemary and speckled with toasty maple walnuts, piled on quinoa with fresh greens if your heart feels it, and eaten warm – or cold! – at your desk, in between morning and afternoon pumpkin lattes. It is the food manifestation of cozy, with a healthy foot forward. It is ready for sweater weather. It is fall in a bowl. QUINOA SWEET POTATO SALAD… AKA THROW ALL THINGS ON A SHEET PAN! Here’s the recipe:  sheet pan.  The end. Diced sweet potatoes. Chickpeas. Rosemary. Shallots. Really, just DO IT FOR THE SMELLS. It is fall’s perfume. Throw some mapled walnuts on there at the end of the roasting session and BAM. What is this, the hottest new vegan restaurant in town? At this point you have a few options. Mix right away.  Toss everything together with some quinoa

paprika chicken pasta

paprika chicken pasta Guess what? Pasta and chicken are getting spicy, creamy, and ultra-cozy for fall! That’s what. There are zero fancy things going on here. We’ve got pasta (farfalle, because bowties are just adorable, aren’t they?) tossed in a luscious and creamy sauce that is kicked up a notch with paprika – spicy or not! you choose. The chicken is baked under a nice coat of dry spices and can be served tossed in with the pasta, or just sliced and laid nice and pretty on top. And… that’s all. Add some roasted broccoli or green salad or whatever you like as a side (would crusty bread be too much?), and this is silky-smooth paprika chicken pasta is suddenly looking like a hot new fall accessory. LET’S MAKE PAPRIKA CHICKEN PASTA, READY GO. Okay, first up. Bake your chicken. I used the internet’s favorite  brine / brush / bake method . But basically it’s like this: Now onto the pasta, and since we are working with so few ingredients here, please select good quality p

cinnamon sugar apple cake

cinnamon sugar apple cake This cinnamon sugar apple cake is just one of those things that is very regular but somehow elevates the day a little bit. It’s low maintenance, highly snackable, and 100% as warming, fragrant, and cozy a basic apple cake should be.  This apple cake is: light and fluffy loaded with fresh apples sweet but not overly sweet magically crispy with that layer of cinnamon-sugar on top a nice vehicle for some whipped cream or honey butter excellent with coffee and a sweater and a fall candle coming to you, warm, fresh-out-the-oven, in just under an hour. HOW TO CUT APPLES FOR APPLE CAKE, IN MY (UN)PROFESSIONAL OPINION First of all, let me just establish that  I do not peel my apples  for anything. No thanks, man. I just cannot be bothered to spend any time removing a perfectly good, edible, nutritious peel. You go ahead and make the rules in your own kitchen. Here are some apple cutting options for you: Finely diced (top):  classic apple c

pumpkin rigatoni with rosemary walnut crispies

pumpkin rigatoni with rosemary walnut crispies Good news! There is a bowl of silky, creamy, savory pumpkin-sauce-bathed rigatoni sprinkled with rosemary walnut crispies that has your name on it for dinner tonight, and for lunch the next day, and for lots of days after that. This pumpkin pasta is especially here for you if you enjoy: Fall flavors Warm, toasty things Rosemary and garlic and butter Foods with contrasting silky / crispy texture Pumpkin as a life theme Big floppy rigatoni noodles Like, things that taste really good? This month we’re taking the pledge to  #ChooseLunch , and is there really a better lunch to look forward to in the fall than creamy pumpkin pasta with rosemary walnut crispies? This is one of those recipes that keeps well for several days, reheats beautifully, fills you up, and tastes so good that you’ll be doing a little happy dance in your head (or, like, not in your head) every time you remember that it’s waiting for you in the fridge. Br

vegetarian shepherd’s pie

                                   shepherd’s pie Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie! ♡ Ay yay yaaaay. This is good. Shepherd’s Pie season is upon us and this super cozy vegetarian version is running around on the loose in our house. And did you hear me when I said veg only? Honestly, we don’t even need the meat – I promise these vegetables are the yummy kind. Like, really yummy. Like, sautéed with garlic and onion, sauced up with a sizzle of red wine, coated in a quick gravy, and baked under a layer of creamy mashed potatoes good. Want. Want. Want. This is not a lentil shepherd’s pie, but if you want to add lentils for a little more protein punch, you do you. LET’S TALK MASHED POTATOES FOR SHEPHERD’S PIE I decided to put Greek yogurt in my potatoes to lean towards healthy while still being creamy-tangy (gah, so good). That being said, if you want this to be a completely vegan shepherd’s pie, just use olive oil instead of butter and maybe a splash of non-dairy milk in y