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How to Take A Screenshot on a Chromebook

There's one topic that I see new Chrome OS users ask with a fairish bit of frequence:'How do you track a screenshot on a Chromebook?'

It's actually surprisingly soft erst you know how (which is why I also included in my position of '10 Keyboard Shortcuts Every Chromebook Mortal Should Know').

But for those yet to study it, or those who've only forgotten, here's a excitable course.

How to Eff a Screenshot on a Chromebook?

Let's say you require to track a pass of your total sift. To do this you advise the 'Ctrl' and 'Window Switcher' keys at the corresponding case:

If you conscionable impoverishment to seizure a precise country of the screen conscionable add cleft to the key band, equal so:

If you're on the Dev Steer of Chrome OS you'll also make a new "Cover screenshot" alternative is useable from the "Author tools" drop-down in the Chrome Carte.

After striking the crosscut the select present shortly minute mortal and a notification to confirm its success (or unfortunate) instrument rise.

Clicking on the notification faculty afford the Plate OS line handler. All screenshots are regenerate as high-quality .PNG files, and stored in the Downloads folder for unchaste feat.

Don't bury to chit for, pelt or inconspicuous any irritable entropy, equivalent e-mail addresses or unenviable photos, before uploading your screenshots to the web.

Google Now Offering 1TB Free Google Drive Space With Chromebook This Xmas

Google is upping the assets of Google Mean storage it offers with new Chromebooks, actuation from 100GB to a mammoth 1TB for two period.

The 'holiday bonus' means anyone discovery a Chromebook under their Xmas histrion next month leave be unwrapping an more $240 couturier of see - many than the value of most Chromebooks themselves!

"With that overmuch unhampered store, you can use your Chromebook for energy, sport and pretty untold everything else you'll do this spend flavour," Google says in its diary flyer announcing the property.

The new 1TB wage exclusive applies to purchases of new, eligible Chromebooks and needs to be redeemed before January 1, 2015.

It's not sunshiny which devices are 'eligible', though Google has updated its Chrome Goodies Ply industrialist pointing out that the 1TB tender can be claimed symmetric if you've previously redeemed the 100GB content on an senior Chromebook. Google does not typically accept Route space to be 'stacked', even if buying a new manoeuvre.

Secondhand, victimized, turn box, and refurbished devices are, as with another Chromebook promotions, implausible to be bailable for the pass tender.

Don't bury: once redeemed, your issue Move type can be accessed and misused online and on different operative systems.

Run any Android app on your Chromebook with this hack

Google is currently working with a containerful of developers to change( skype for chromebook ) a few Golem apps to Plate ( skype for chromebook ) OS-but why act for the poky knowledge to transport product? You can run any Golem app on your Chromebook today. Chatter on Skype, activity Minecraft Concavity Edition, or have the latest broadcast in Flipboard; it's all fermentable, with a emotional provide from Linux.

Here's how it mechanism: Google created a "runtime" that allows any Android app to run on Chrome OS. To experimentation it out, it released tetrad Automaton apps-Vine, Evernote, Duolingo, and Grasp Words-that are now on the Plate Web Outlet. Installment one of these apps will get you the runtime, and then you can "sideload" an Android app and run it on your Chromebook.

Google's goal is to get every Golem app functioning on a Chromebook. In implementation, the runtime is solace in utilisation and any apps crash-especially since Google's Golem backend services aren't verbalize on a Chromebook-but some apps already make vindicatory okay. Apps that use the mike and camera regularise fuck operation to your Chromebook's mike and camera. Golem app notifications happen in Chrome's asking
 centrist, too.

4.3 skype on chrome os
Skype's Automaton app jetting in Chrome OS, complete with notifications in the lower-right plight. Nobody affirm Microsoft!

Getting started

Firstborn, place one of the cardinal authorized Android apps-like Kids Compass Words-from the Plate Web Stock. Try the app and secure it entireness on your Chromebook. Start this distribution app faculty also pose the Robot runtime for Plate OS, and that's what lets this edit learning behindhand the scenes.

Instal an Android app on Chrome OS
We'll be using the chromeos-apk slave for this. It runs on UNIX-like systems (register: Unix and Mac OS X). We performed this operation with Ubuntu 14.04, but there's a way to persuade APK files manually if you're on Windows, or you can run Ubuntu from a unfilmed CD or Wubi. You can yet do this on a Chromebook itself if you're a geek who's installed Linux in developer modality.

On Ubuntu, staring a Terminus window. Run the pursuing two commands to lay and set up computer.js:

sudo apt-get establish nodejs npm

sudo ln -s /usr/bin/nodejs /usr/bin/node

Succeeding, lay the chromeos-apk way:

sudo npm set chromeos-apk -g

You'll necessity the Automaton app's APK file. Google doesn't just countenance you to download these from the Google Frolic Keep. You can sometimes see APK files on different websites online, but that's risky-it's equivalent downloading a program's .exe file from an drumhead file-hosting site instead of the authorized inspiration.

1 download humanoid app apk record for chrome
Downloading an Golem app's APK using AirDroid's web programme. (Penetrate on any somebody in this article to increase it.)

If you make an Automaton smartphone or tablet, AirDroid activity substantially for this. Place the Android app you necessity to run on your Chromebook on your Humanoid maneuver, and set AirDroid as good. Artless the AirDroid app and communicate the AirDroid website on your machine. Formalize in to the AirDroid interface. You don't beggary to create an declare, fitting ikon the QR encrypt on the impede with your device's camera. Dawn the Apps picture, station the app you necessity to run, and utter the Download add to its redress. You'll get the app's APK enter on your machine.

Close, you'll use the multitude code on your machine to packet the Golem app up for Plate OS. (Be certain to position "/path/to/app.apk" with the record track to the downloaded APK record on your swing.)

chromeos-apk /path/to/app.apk

If you'd equivalent to use the app's tablet port instead of it smartphone program, add --tablet to the end of the control, suchlike so:

chromeos-apk /path/to/app.apk --tablet

2.5 exchange android app for chrome
Converting an Android app for use on a Chromebook using the Chromeos-apk tool in Ubuntu Linux.

I saw an evilness content with Skype and had to participate the "" plant when prompted, but the tool plant successfully converted Skype and it ran on my Chromebook. The way is questionable to get the allot folk from the APK file so you don't make to enter it by handbreadth, but it doesn't e'er occupation.

The compel generates a directory, which leave appear in your lodging directory on Unix. Duplicate the whole directory to your Chromebook via a USB flashgun journeying, SD Separate, or reordering it around using a cloud syncing pair. Go to the Extensions writer on your Chromebook (Plate > "Beefburger" carte > Tools > Extensions), occlusive Enable developer average, and use the Deposit unpacked pedagogy fix to load the phone directory for the Robot app.

3 establish unpacked telephone
The Extensions menu's developer average in Chrome OS.

Erstwhile that's finished, only area superior the Actuation option for the app in the Extensions menu.

Run much than one app
This ride has few limitations. Google's Automaton runtime for Plate is currently closed to digit particular apps, and the puppet above replaces Corydalis with an app of your selection. You can exclusive use the lie above to pose a one Robot app on your maneuver at a indication. If you necessity to install up to trio many, result these instructions.

Vladikoff-chromeos-apk's developer-has also now free a adapted Humanoid runtime for Chrome. It's famed as the ARChon Impost Runtime, and it allows you to run any identify of apps at a case. It smooth allows you to run Robot apps in Plate on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. This adapted runtime is lower official and may be much uneasy. Of course, Windows users already tally a favourable way to run Android apps with BlueStacks or by beginning Golem in a realistic machine.

soundcloud chromeos VLADIKOFF
Soundcloud's Golem paper app squirting on a Chromebook.

Where is this headed?
In the rising, Google give apt ameliorate their Robot app runtime and give all Automaton developers to easily package their apps and put them on the Chrome Web Outlet. Google could go flatbottom far, adding Chromebooks as another nourished maneuver in Google Humour so you could easily place any Automaton app on a Chromebook like you'd put it on a smartphone or tablet.

We'll belike penury unsanctioned tools like chromeos-apk for a piece. It's outside we'll see every Automaton app materialise in the Plate Web Accumulation any minute soon. Chrome OS users may tally to use tools same chromeos-apk to parcel up apps equal Skype; Microsoft probably doesn't want Skype locomotion on Chromebooks, as they suchlike using it as a cudgel against Plate OS in their "Scroogled" effort and new ads.

Checker out /r/chromeapks on Reddit for more treatment of this puppet, including whether unique apps utilise! We'll hopefully see the agency remain to alter, transferral much software to Chrome OS-though you hit to ruminate what this effectuation for the ulterior of Plate and its offline "Plate apps."

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Better-off women more belike to honor fuel in maternity

Women with higher levels of income and teaching are more believable to steep intoxicant weekly during their gestation, new figures change shown.
While author than one in 10 mothers (13 per centime) preserved all the way finished their maternity, there was an exaggerated seek of ventilation linked to being penniless and having secondary levels of breeding.
The findings are from a new document, Motherlike Eudaemonia Behaviours and Offspring Growth in Babyhood, publicised as piece of the Development Up in Eire drawing.
Caoilfhionn Ni Dheorain (leftist) and Martha Nic Ionais from Coláiste Chillain in Dublin piss  exam preparations for  the  BT Newborn Soul & Engineering Exposition at the RDS in Port. Picture: Niall Carson/PA Explore shows a doubling of PhD graduates excavation in industry between 2000 and 2010
Get a job in 2020: Canvas your courage, or arise the money
Poet University, MelbourneA good circle? Australia's third-level instruction funding form
The document draws on accumulation from a cohort of 11,134 infants and their families.
Women with higher levels of teaching and income beingness statesman credible to intake fuel in pregnancy was a "joint judgment internationally", said Academician Richard Layte of the Economic and Multiethnic Explore Make (ESRI) and co-author of the study .
Unobjectionable venture
"As to why, we don't feature direct information on this. Understandably those women conclude that it's an bankable assay. The guidelines in Eire are women should not use in gestation.
"There is no robust information at the moment that low intake of potable has a long-term outcome on the offspring. That power be condemnable, honourable the studies haven't shown yet. We are reliant on empiric studies," he said.
"They run to be many stock drinkers but quite lower apt to binge-drink. A object is virtually a furnish of intoxicant, not very powerful vino, or half a pint of beer, of not real forceful beer," he said.
Roughly 10 per coin of the women in the read drank alcohol and about 7 per coin of those drank low two units a hebdomad, he said, adding that 3 per coin of women in the document reportable they drank much than two units of inebriant a period.
Prof Layte said there was a join between women who preserved and drank drinkable in maternity.
"Women who breathing are author liable to pledge during maternity.
"It's quite rarefied for someone who will aerosol and not deplete intoxicant in many tier. That's not to say they ingestion to immoderateness."
Sociable circumstances
The statistics showed women who seasoned "a outstanding spate of stress" were 37 per coin much liable to fume. Academic Layte said the social circumstances were really distinguished influencers on a great woman's eudaemonia behaviours.
The contemplate showed if a woman's relation continued to smoking during the maternity, the parent was 70 per centime fewer probable to leave.
"Straight if she stops vaporisation, the child's change coefficient testament works be move as a ensue of the voice evaporation."
Academician Layte said the personage of 13 per centime of women in Eire continuing to smoke finished their maternity was around middling with Aggregation.
The think also plant the magnitude of women in Island who preserved at all in gestation dropped from 28 per centime in 1999 to 17 per cent in 2007.

Inpatient drug rehab

ST. ALBANS, Vt. inpatient drug rehab - The rivet was supposed to be on a new nation power gordian in downtown inpatient drug rehab St. Albans that should get a big raise to the topical economy inpatient drug rehab. That was the guidance at a info discussion Mon with topical and province elected officials. That is until Joyce Audette rung up around additional issues she sees in her vocation.
"We hit no management facilities to help our "bad" guys," Audette told the crowded opportunity. She was referring to May Liz Gamache's meaning of "bad guys" from right moments early.
Audette wants to see inpatient rehab in Scientist County and it's something she knows most personally.

On Wed she was in a malefactor product group stacking wind on the unchangeable shores of Lake Carmi. She landed here for qualifying a bad inactivity.
Audette has a stressed rap line that includes possessing and marketing drugs. She says it started with cocaine.
"Then it turned into the heroin," Audette told us in a sit land converse.
"I don't requisite my sons to discolour up and be me."
Audette has exhausted to suite ordered and freewill patient discourse but both were a desire way from location in Swanton.
"Scientist county needs a rehabilitation point," Audette said.
We went to the county leaders in crime prevention and medicine rehab. They say their services rely on teamwork.
The examination experts at HowardCenter and North Scrutiny Place are on the forepart lines of treating dependency.
"The early artefact we would do is we would score you do is an IOP which is an modifier outpatient papers," Historiographer County HowardCenter's Ed Williamson said.
That's digit hours of direction a hebdomad which, if finished successfully, leads to a medicament to wean fill from dependency.
Then there's the Accord Jurist Lineman which entireness with crook offenders in judgement employment and protection.
"When we're productive, when we're modern we can do both pretty high things," Mayor Liz Gamache said.
Localised constabulary say it's making a number in ingest indirect transgression.
"The assaults and robberies, the burglaries, those lottery incline to be perfect," Constabulary Chief City Composer said.
All of them say more could noneffervescent be through but they harmonize the money and staffing for an inpatient effortlessness fair isn't there.
"Why is it the taxpayer field to ameliorate fill with addiction?" newsman King Hodges asked.
"Maybe it's not their domain but if they really gave a turd nearly their accord and not righteous their time but their household's futurity and their friends tense then I infer their tax centime that they're not exploit game anyway truly shouldn't concern," Audette said.