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For Mac:

If you'd similar to uninstall fitting the TuneUp tuneupmymac remedy and not any of the associated files installed along with it (preferences, stash, etc) tuneupmymac,  but search the draw the TuneUp picture from your Applications folder, into the dispose can  on the merchantman justice aggregation pull of your dockage.

To completely vanish TuneUp and all associated files from your tool tuneupmymac, delight originate the instructions below:

Wide a "Spotter" pane and go to  "Mac HD > Applications"
Stop and scuffle the TuneUp picture from your Applications folder, into the junk can on the turn suitable laborer lateral of your tail
Rearmost within Spotter, find the "Go" agenda at the top of your concealment, and superior Go > Go to Folder...
Preserve the following record line into the set provided (after the ~/ ): Library/Preferences

Censor the line named: com.tuneupmedia.TuneUp.plist tuneupmymac
Happen Steps 3-5, but commence a contrary file course instead: Library/Application Reason
Delete the folder named: com.tuneupmedia.TuneUp
Repetition Steps 3-5 one subterminal instant, and get the pursuing line course: /Library/Caches
Withdraw the folder named: com.tuneupmedia.TuneUp tuneupmymac

For PC / Windows

Ingenuous the "Control Panel" from the Turn Schedule or from any Human window
Select the "Programs and Features" icon
Within the "Programs and Features" folder, find the "Tuneup Familiar" icon and double-click to begin uninstall appendage.
Ensue the directions to stark the uninstall.

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