How to make cannabis oil ?

                  How to make cannabis oil ?

Researchers say that chemicals called cannabinoids found in marijuana and have antitumor effects.
Medicinal marijuana oil made ​​from cannabis buds and, according to research in the field, if taken three times a day for two months, will destroy leukemia cells involved in, as well as cancer cells. This study was conducted and published by the website of the National Library of Medicine of the United States, ncbi.govhow to make cannabis oil Two years ago, Dr. Alexander Hunter, medical doctor, with competence in apiphytotherapy, acupuncture and Ayurveda, Formula As magazine said that we should not ignore the natural virtues that gives us this plant millennial "Cannabis has excellent curative properties , therapeutic, but should be made ​​available to young people in their crisis of individuality. But it is equally unfortunate and refusing situation using cannabis therapy, particularly in patients with AIDS, cancer, severe depression, etc. In other words, are for use under medical prescription of cannabis, not for its free movement. "As hemp oil action in serious diseases such as cancer, the same doctor says: "By taking hemp oil, fatty acids in the body are amplified, and therefore the progression of common forms of cancer (such as prostate cancer) is slowed ". It is important to remember that cannabis oil is recommended to kill cancer cells in the body, not for use in pleasure. The results come from ingesting oil healing resulting from marijuana buds, not the smoking of buds. High heat destroys the medicinal qualities of marijuana cigarettes contained cannabis buds. The process of obtaining marijuana oil is the fact that hot water temperature should not exceed 212 degrees again. how to make cannabis oil

Rick Simpson: Cannabis oil cure skin cancer!

When Rick Simpson hemp oil accidentally discovered that treats skin cancer that you have gone to the doctor excited to share her discovery, but it had an unexpected reaction and did not want to hear about it. But this did not stop Rick and other people to tell the story and to know that indeed cannabis cure cancer. Shortly after, the man was persecuted and forced the authorities to leave Canada, taking refuge in the Czech Republic. Since then, Rick continues his mission and teach people how to prepare and use hemp oil to cure cancer and treatment alotr "incurable" diseases. Recently, he took a book about all these cases. You can visit its website. In your own words, Rick explained: "My name is Rick Simpson. For almost 8 years we shared information about how many people can prepare treatments using hemp oil. The results were exceptional as possible. Since ancient times, hemp has always been known as the best herb in the world. ". To learn more, watch the documentary "Run in front of cure".

Cancer Cured: A Cannabis Story by David Triplett

Below you can watch another video where an American named David Triplett talks about his experience with skin cancer treatments as tried and found cure cancer in cannabis oil. His source of inspiration was a movie with Rick Simpson, the man who cured cancer with hemp oil. "My name is David Triplett and I was cured of skin cancer using cannabis oil. Several years ago I had two lesions excised from the tip of the nose. In 2009, these lesions began to recur in several places. I went to the doctor and he gave me a prescription for a cream ... I saw that it was actually chemotherapy. After seeing what he can do chemotherapy cream, I decided to look for alternatives. My friend Jennifer sent me a video about Rick Simpson, who cured cancer with hemp oil, so I decided to start there. "Began the story of David Triplett. More details about this event, you can find the next video. how to make cannabis oil "We used oil 3 to 4 weeks to see results, and they were impressive. Not only oil cure my nose, but that was not observable cancer brought to the surface. As soon as I saw that cannabis oil that I had cured my cancer, I began to wonder why my doctor had not heard about this? Why I never heard about this before? Why cannabis is illegal if you cure cancer? And I looked up I realized that it is because of profit and politics. "Said David Triplett in the movie" Cancer Cured: A Cannabis Story by David Triplett ". how to make cannabis oil


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